Public Humanities

P U B L I C   H U M A N I T I E S

Presenter. “Utah Women Artists, Past and Present” with Emily Larsen. Granary Arts, Ephraim, Utah, March 1.

Panelist. “Projecting Progress: Representation of Women in Art and Art History,” with Marissa Vigneault and Myleka Bevans. Conversations at the Leo, The Leonardo Museum, in conjunction with Van Gogh Immersive digital exhibition, April 7, 2022.

Honoree. 2021 Certain Women: An Latter-day Saint Women’s Invitational Exhibition Advocate Award.

Presentor. “Imagery of the Divine Feminine” with Dr. Sarah Coyne, Certain Women: A Latter-day Saint Women’s Invitational Exhibition, Anthony’s Fine Arts & Antiques, October 15, 2021.

Honoree. Portrait included in Jann Haworth and Courtney Giles’s Utah Women 2020 mural, Dinwiddy Building, SLC, August 2020, honoring 250 women past and present who have contributed to Utah’s culture.

Podcast. “Putting Their Art Into It: Minerva Teichert, Ruby Chacon, and Jann Haworth,” This is Her Place: Stories of Utah Women, Past and Present podcast, July 15, 2020.

Co-chair. Provo Arts Council, 2017-2018.

Co-chair. Wasatch Elementary School Community Council, 2017-2018.

Contributor/Artist. “Germaine Greer” in Jann Haworth’s Work in Progress, September 2016. Venues: Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, Congress (Washington D.C.), and more forthcoming.

Lecture. “Beautiful Trouble: How Contemporary Art is Changing the World.” Oasis: A Community of Good, Provo, April 3, 2016.

Lecture. “Taking it to the Streets: Women, Art, and Social Activism.” Provo Celebrates International Women’s Day, Provo City Council Chambers (with live broadcast), March 8, 2016.

Blog post. “On Icebergs and Ivory Towers and Being a Scholar-in-the-World.” BYU Humanities Center, January 19, 2016.