In the News

“Breast Cancer Awareness Month: BYU professors share their experiencesby Liesel Allen for BYU’s The Daily Universe 28 October 2022

“Meet Marianne” by Brontë Hebdon for The Season, sponsored by the Center for Latter-day Saints Art 26 September 2022

“What is Beauty? Professors Julie Allen, George Handley, and Heather Belnap discuss the impact of visual aesthetics within Latter-day Saint culture” by Ellie Smith BYU College of Humanities 1 September 2022

L’Affichomania brings a piece of Paris to Provo” by Melanie Andrews The Daily Universe 12 November 2021

“With more LDS talking about Heavenly Mother, now you can ‘see’ her” by Peggy Fletcher Stack The Salt Lake Tribune 10 October 2021

“Professor Heather Belnap on Public Advocacy for Women in the Arts and Student  Mentorship” blog post, BYU Humanities Center, March 2021

“Staying Power: Women and the Art of Perseverance,” BYU College of Humanities magazine, November 2020

“Putting Their Art Into It: Minerva Teichert, Ruby Chacon, and Jann Haworth,” This is Her Place: Stories of Utah Women, Past and Present podcast, July 15, 2020

“Understanding Feminism in 2017,” Top of the Mind Radio Hours with Julie Rose, December 15, 2017. With Kif Augustine-Adams and Renata Forste

“The Women’s Revolution: Second-Wave Feminism, c. 1960-1990,” Kennedy Center Lecture Series, December 13, 2017. With Kif Augustine-Adams and Renata Forste

“Transformative Texts,” College of Humanities Convocation Address, August 18, 2017

“LDS Women in Art and Culture” by Noelle Baldwin Church News (April 26, 2016)

“Taking it to the Streets: Women, Art, and Social Activism.” Provo Celebrates International Women’s Day, Provo City Council Chambers (with live broadcast), March 8, 2016

“Blog Post: On Icebergs and Ivory Towers and Being a Scholar-in-the-World,” BYU Humanities Center, January 19, 2016

“Understanding Feminism” by Kristina Smith, BYU Magazine (Summer 2015)